Zachary Schwartz and Stephen Lightle - Fibs and Philosophies BNR002

Fibs and Philosophies is a fast-paced folk-rock album infused with some softer ukulele/vocally based tunes. With the generous help of a few other, similarly funds-deficient friends’ viola, trumpet and vocal stylings, this latest DIY album from Brave New Records isn’t rational or generic, methodical or cautious. It also has a money-back guarantee that it doesn’t suck. So, give ‘er a listen.

Also available on Amazon and Bandcamp.

Track Listing

  1. Our Miracles
  2. God Lied
  3. Farewell to Iowa
  4. The Flag of the Vagrant
  5. Oh Soul
  6. Make-up Ad on Fuencarral
  7. We Won t
  8. Church for Peace
  9. Deep Breath
  10. Perfect Tyranny
  11. What God Is For
  12. Saint Augustine
  13. Niebla
  14. The Ones to Blame
  15. Cotton String and Two Tin Cans
  16. Blood Is Blood
  17. The Scared The Proud The Naive
  18. Nuestros milagros