Zachary Schwartz


It’s that beautiful lack of funds that led to the creation of Zachary Schwart'z newest album, “Fibs and Philosophies,” created alongside his friend and roommate, Steve Lightle, in the basement of their house in St. Louis. Written, recorded, and mixed entirely in-house, the latest album from Brave New Records showcases the creative tenacity of two broke guys with a couple of guitars, drum set, and a recording studio made out of top-of-the line sound-insulating blankets.

In effect, the duo created a fast-paced folk-rock album infused with some softer ukulele/vocally based tunes. With the generous help of a few other, similarly funds-deficient friends’ viola, trumpet and vocal stylings, this latest DIY album from Brave New Records isn’t rational or generic, methodical or cautious. It also has a money-back guarantee that it doesn’t suck. So, give ‘er a listen.


Zachary Schwartz and Stephen Lightle - Fibs and Philosophies
9/12/2011 · Brave New Records · BNR002