Amen Lucy, Amen - Ashore for the End1/17/2014 · Brave New Records · BNR-005

The debut album from Saint Louis folk band Amen Lucy, Amen. Available on CD and download.

Produced by Amen Lucy, Amen
Recorded on Juniata Street, Saint Louis, Mo

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Zachary Schwartz and Stephen Lightle - Fibs and Philosophies9/12/2011 · Brave New Records · BNR002

The 18 song LP from Amen Lucy, Amen's Zachary Schwartz and Stephen Lightle.

Produced by Zachary Schwartz and Stephen Lightle
Recorded in a basement in Saint Louis, Mo

God Farted - Patches McBeardywing Sings the Blues7/4/2008 · Brave New Records · BNR001

The first and last recording for the "band" God Farted? I'm sorry.

Produced by anonymous
Recorded at an undisclosed location. Again. I'm sorry.