Amen Lucy, Amen


Amen Lucy, Amen is a woozy-boozy cyclone of a five-piece folk group out of Saint Louis, MO. The band draws from diverse musical backgrounds to create its propulsive and dynamic sound. The combination of punk-inspired folk tunes and introspective lyrics from principle song writers Stephen Lightle (vocals/mandolin) and Zachary Schwartz (vocals/acoustic guitar) are the core of the music. Lyrics and melodies often demonstrate the influence of bands like Bad Religion and Social Distortion. Three-part harmonies and the classical delivery of upright bassist Charles Clements and violinist Jenn Rudisill add an elegant polish. Yet, the robust bass lines of Clements and the indie rock influence of percussionist Tawaine Noah drive the songs to a punk rock/bluegrass intensity.

Amen Lucy, Amen started off as a simple creative outlet with no real ambitions in February 2013. Songwriters Lightle and Schwartz wrote songs in their own corners of the world with little expectation of bringing them to life and certainly with no intentions of playing live or recording. The resulting chemistry from the first few practices, however, proved there was potential, and it persuaded them to get serious. By summer the band had recorded demos, given the thing a name and started playing as many shows around the Midwest as they could.

While still keeping busy with shows in the area, Amen Lucy, Amen began work on their debut album in August of 2013. The band recorded the entire album by themselves in their modest headquarters on Juniata St. With complete control, and therefore complete responsibility, they took their time tracking and mixing. Settling only for a first release they could fall in love with before passing it along to their fans, they finally finished the record in early December.

As they head into year two, Amen Lucy, Amen excitedly prepares for the release, entitled Ashore for the End, on Brave New Records. The band plans to play as many shows in as many cities as possible, including summer touring, to support the album, out January 17th.

Below are two singles, "The Water" and "Look Out!", from Ashore for the End, available on CD or download now.