Amen Lucy, Amen - Ashore for the End BNR-005

The debut album from Saint Louis folk band Amen Lucy, Amen - 10 tracks of past-paced folk tunes. The core of the punk-inspired tunes are its introspective, intelligent lyrics. Three part harmonies and string arrangements demonstrate a classical elegance. The songs are driven to a punk/bluegrass intensity with bouncing bass lines and drums, anthemic choruses, and energy that doesn't quit.

Available for download only.

Produced by Amen Lucy, Amen
Recorded on Juniata Street, Saint Louis, Mo

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Track Listing

  1. Ego
  2. Place and Time
  3. Progress
  4. Look Out
  5. Slow It Down
  6. Inner Core
  7. Atleast for Now
  8. The Water
  9. World as geography
  10. I Will Swim